EnRich Focus Programmes


If you want something that goes deeper and promotes sustainable change then a programme of workshops could be for you. A typical programme might consist of 1 or 2 days of workshops (can be full or half days, with time to reflect and practice in between), plus small group coaching sessions to complete the programme which helps embed the learning and encourage new ways of working outside the workshop. These programmes also include setting up a peer network to share insights, videos, articles and book reviews outside of the classroom. The 3 main programmes I deliver are:

- Collective Leadership and Stakeholder Management

- Leading, Motivating & Developing your Teams (through Change)

- Leader as Coach

I can also work with you to build your own programme of workshops depending on your need. Focus Programmes typically run over a period of 3 to 4 months.

If you would like examples of previous programmes I have run, please get in touch.

EnRich Team Coaching


More and more I am being asked to work with teams to help transform culture, perform better and work more collaboratively both internally and externally with their stakeholders. A Team Coaching Programme will include a number of powerful interventions that truly supports change through both process improvements and people engagement.

Using the qualities of a 'high performing' team and how they operate within the 'system' in which they work, we can cover such areas as:

- Stakeholder Expectations (gaining a clear directive)

- Team Tasks (working towards a collective endeavour)

- Team Relationships (achieving more as a collective unit)

- Stakeholder Relationships (connecting and engaging)

- Team Learning (how the team take time to reflect and grow for the benefit of the organisation, team and individual)

Working in partnership with you (and before any intervention), we can also use a 360 feedback tool (Team Connect 360) and 121 interviews to gain further insight and diagnose your need accurately. A typical programme will run between 9 and 12 months.